“Creativity”, which exists in every individual but can be developed with the right steps, is the most important phenomenon today.”

>In our geography, there are not enough areas where young people and children can show themselves and be motivated in the art platform channels. The individual and social benefits of artworks gain more importance in the psychological development of children. We can create spaces for young people with the efforts of artists.

> Children and young people give us valuable clues with the works they create using the language of art. Following these tips and taking them into consideration is our biggest duty and responsibility. Considering the achievement of a child molded with art in society is the most valuable process.

Art is the best area to bring creativity to the forefront and to develop creativity, which is deferred, forgotten, blunted and unused from time to time in the system.

Activities that will support the creativity and originality of the individual should be carried out sensitively, taking into account the age and character characteristics of each child. The child relaxes his soul by emptying his subconscious during the shaping process in her art works.

Saying that “Art is life”, I have observed what the individual has gained in the process I have observed in children for 12 years; cultural background, critical view, selectivity in perception, originality, awareness, practicality, focus, socialization, etc. I can sort like that.

Instead of expressing art with classical discourses… Nowadays, we should direct our children to art activities as well as music and sports activities. The child, who has gained experience that he can use in many areas throughout his life, is put into life with an equipment that he will have the chance to walk one step ahead of his peers.

Creative arts education in children should be process-oriented, not result-oriented.

In the words of Oscar Wilde, “Art begins where imitation ends.”


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